Account Names/Balance Update Issues with iCloud

  • Account Names changing to DB# or other older names at times
  • Automated balance updates do not reflect the correct amounts
  • Seemingly intermittent duplication of forecast items

These issues are caused by a third party framework that Cash Cast (FKA CostLog) has been using since its inception for iCloud syncs. While it has been reasonably reliable in the past it has become more unstable over time. The only course of action we can recommend for the time being is to disable iCloud sync in Settings which will not impact daily utilization of the app except for synchronizations between multiple devices. Rest assured, we'll not utilize this particular framework in the big 2.0 release. Unfortunately, in the meantime we can no longer recommend utilization of iCloud sync in Cash Cast which is enabled by default.

How to disable iCloud sync for the Cash Cast app:
  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. Tap your Name (Apple ID) and open iCloud
  3. Scroll down to the Cash Cast app and toggle the switch to an OFF position

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