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CALC Settings

Under Options (top left corner) you can find "Settings":
  • Themes - define your own theme or select one of the presets
  • Top Colors - define your own colors for the top of the main screen (input and answer areas)
  • Sound - controls button tap sounds (iOS default, Alternative, OFF or CALC original)
  • Reset Custom Units - will erase all units setup by a user for the Converter under the Custom category
  • Max Decimals - defines the maximum number of decimals before rounding/scientific notation takes place
  • Language - allows users to override CALC language settings
  • Timer - hides the Timer in the top left corner of the main screen (T>)
  • Buttons Highlight - specifies the style of button push events (Highlight, Flip or OFF)
  • Buttons Shape - defines the button shape as Round corners, Squares or Flat (OFF)
  • Converter Icons - specifies the style of convertor category icons (ON/OFF or Theme colored)
  • Force Decimal Dot - forces the use of decimal dot regardless of localization settings
  • Custom Parallax - if custom theme with background image is used, specifies the depth of the parallax effect
  • Font - provides several options for alternative Fonts and their relative size in respect to the original
  • Input Format - turns the number formatting ON/OFF when typing expressions
  • Use sqrt(a;b) - toggles between square root button to act as a function: sqrt(x;2) or exp.: x^(-2)
  • Swap Zero / Decimal - swaps the zero and decimal buttons on the calculator main screen
  • Numpad: 123 vs. 789 - reverses the order of numbers on the calculator main screen
  • Convertor - Options - allows specifying the JetFuel density conversion rates for the Converter
  • Clear Expression - defines timeframe for expression to remain current after CALC becomes inactive - i.e. if you reopen CALC and start typing a new expression, the old one will auto-clear if specified time has passed or not at all if turned OFF
  • Use Answer - enables/disables the quick last answer button under the answer area of the main screen
  • Spotlight Search - Siri/Spotlight iOS searching of history - up to last 10 or 50 entries or OFF
  • Scientific functions - Portrait mode only - enables the single screen scientific functions view (i.e. no need to slide left)
  • Custom % - allows for a single custom percentage for the Tip calculator (on Swipe down or Tap&Hold the % button)
  • Division Symbol / - toggles the division button between "/" and "÷"

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