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  1. AppStore - How to refund?

  2. CALC Settings

  3. CALC Shortcuts, Gestures and Tricks

  4. CALC Updates!

  5. CALC Watch App - WatchOS 2.0 migration

  6. CALC's MDM Configuration and Volume Purchases (VPP)

  7. CashFlow+ Updates

  8. Cleanup if you have multiple CALC versions...

  9. Custom Constants

  10. Custom functions for Time (hours/minutes)

  11. FAQ: Copy / Paste and Clipboard

  12. FAQ: How do I delete an Entry?

  13. FAQ: How do I do 1/x?

  14. FAQ: How to Add CALC's Widget to the Notification Center?

  15. FAQ: How to add other currencies to the converter

  16. FAQ: How to convert a decimal to a fraction?

  17. FAQ: How to Install the Watch App

  18. FAQ: How to M+ M- MR & MC?

  19. FAQ: How to remove (delete) a record?

  20. FAQ: How to set a Timer?

  21. FAQ: How to set the wallpaper / background image?

  22. FAQ: How to Tape Roll?

  23. FAQ: Smart Parenthesis & the Order of Operations

  24. FAQ: Watch App - Square root using x^(1/y)

  25. Financial Custom Functions

  26. How to access the Tip Calculator / Estimator?

  27. How to add other conversion categories (Currency, Mass etc.) to the Apple Watch App

  28. How to Customize CALC's colors, look and feel?

  29. How to Define new Custom Advanced Functions?

  30. How to disable the widget's Clipboard feature

  31. How to graph a function?

  32. How to Install CALC's Custom Keyboard?

  33. How to manually save a transaction - i.e. Process Early

  34. Investment Portfolio / Asset Account Setup

  35. Issue: Custom Theme disabled image still shows

  36. Manual Processing vs. default Automatic Processing

  37. Net-Worth How does it work?

  38. Privacy Policy


  40. The features of CALC Smart, Swift & Prime

  41. Tutorial Help

  42. Wrong Conversions?

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