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Net-Worth How does it work?

Regarding the net-worth feature:

When it's enabled for the Combined accounts mode, it projects all your accounts, including both debts and assets. This ensures an accurate representation of how your net-worth will change over time. The setup is integrated into the Loans and Assets configuration. 

For instance, when you create a mortgage or car loan plan, you set the "Transfer to" field to your Lender account, where your debt is recorded. Conversely, when you add an Asset (like a car or house), there isn't a transfer option. Instead, under "Optionals," you'll find a "Lien at" field, which should again be linked to your Lender.

For assets, you can also set up appreciation or depreciation rates. For a house, the national average appreciation is about 5%, while a car typically depreciates (a good rule of thumb is around -10% annually).

With these settings, you can more accurately project your net worth, taking into account asset appreciation/depreciation as well as the principal and interest payments on your loans.

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