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The features of CALC Smart, Swift & Prime

CALC Smart and Prime are the Premium version of the CALC apps trio that encompasses all these advanced features:
  • Advanced functions (right swipe)
    • See the Wiki section (in Options) for a basic description of each function

  • Custom Functions (tap the answer)
    • Tap here to see the HOWTO
    • Ability to share custom advanced function definition with other Prime users

  • Converter(*) (tap or swipe down on the answer)
    • Pick from 26 conversion categories including live currencies (no older then an hour)
    • Plus one custom linear conversion
    • Jet Fuel conversion with additional Settings (Options)
  • Advanced customizations (under options)
    • Ability to define custom colors, background image and transparency
    • Ability to select from 19 different fonts in settings
    • Tap here to see the HOWTO
  • Advanced Aggregate functions in History (swipe up for history)

  • Advanced Expression Edit mode with english dictation capabilities
    • Tap the answer or the expression itself and select Edit to enter an extended area edit mode with regular keyboard

  • Now since v3.5.0 - Expression Graphing(*) capabilities -
Finally, on the CALC Smart & Prime Watch App, any selected additional conversion categories will become available on the watch as well.

(*) Upgrade required for owners of CALC Swift

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