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How to graph a function?

As of CALC v3.5.0, CALC Smart & Prime users have the ability to graph expressions. We have designed the process to be as seamless as possible so if you simply type cosd(45), tap on the answer and select "Expression Graph" from the bottom of the list, you will be presented with a cosine graph.

The first number (in this case 45 degrees) will be automatically converted into a variable(x) and you will be presented with a corresponding graph and the coordinates of the specified number as well.

If you wish to define a function with variable(x) directly for a more comprehensive graphing, you can do so by selecting var(x) from the "symbols" advanced functions list (the left pull-up menu). var(x) is by default set to zero, but can be modified to any number by tapping the "Hint" area just under the Options button in the top left corner.

Please note this feature is the initial release and your feedback will help shape it's future ~ so drop us a note on UserVoice or email

Happy Graphing!

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