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Custom Constants

This section includes a growing list of constants you can easily add to your CALC app with just a tap on the link!

Let us know of any essential constants you'd like to add or share a one you've created by emailing it to

* To Share a function tap Clear first, select your Custom Function from the list and just tap the results area selecting "Custom Advanced Function" ... Share will show as an option there.

Frequently used constants:

atomic mass constant : amass

Avogadro constant : avogadro

Boltzmann constant : boltzmann

conductance quantum : conductance

electric constant : econ

electron mass : emass

electron volt : evolt

elementary charge : elemcharge

Faraday constant : faraday

fine-structure constant : finestruct

inverse fine-structure constant : invfinestruct

magnetic constant : magnetic

magnetic flux quantum : mflux

molar gas constant : molargas

Newtonian constant of gravitation : newtgrav

Planck constant : planck

Planck constant over 2 pi : planckpi

proton mass : proton

proton-electron mass ratio : protonelectron

Rydberg constant : rydberg

speed of light in vacuum : lightvac

Stefan-Boltzmann constant : stefanboltzmann

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