How to visualize with the microphone

Gravitarium Plus has the ability to use your device's MIC to see the particles react to your own voice or any music playing in the background.

Just turn you favorite radio on in the background on your device (i.e. Pandora for instance), go to Gravitarium's menu* and tap the MIC icon in Audio to turn i
t ON - then simply use your preferred sticky dancing flow to sit back and relax as the particles swirl to the beat:

* Menu access: tap any corner or swipe up form the bottom of your screen

P.S. The all-time favorite is the dancing Energy Flow:
1.) Start with a fresh screen using the recycle icon in the bottom right corner of the menu.
2.) Tap in the proximity of 3 screen corners to make the animation wide.
3.) Control the Beat sensitivity in the Audio menu and particle flow Speed in the Options menu for a perfect mach to your particular music style!

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