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Calculate hours, mins, secs...

Add the ability to calculate time together i.e. 30 (minutes)+ 33+ 1 hour 12 + 45 + 6 + 5 hour 23= X hours and X minutes

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Function URL Encoding Corrections:

We are looking into this for a future release, in the meantime please use a custom function whenever more convenient:


This will allow to compute hours and minutes this way: hm(1;50) + hm(1;10) … however, it will always return minutes as a fraction of the hour.

For that, another custom function can be added so that hhmm(x) >> hhmm(1.75) = 1.45 and so on : calc://action?addFunc=hhmm~~floor%28%241%29%20%2B%20%28%241%20-%20floor%28%241%29%29%20%C3%97%2060%2F100

Please note, both functions must to be used separately since the current release of CALC does not yet support nested custom functions.

p.s. tapping the calc:// links on your device should add the function to the custom advanced function section of your CALC app.


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    This would be nice. You can make custom functions to achieve something similar [eg. timecalc: ($1 + ($2/60))], but you can't return it in hours and minutes. Having a separate type of calculator would be nice and could save some time.

    Other types of calculators that would be cool to have are degree minute seconds and feet-inches calculators.

    DGM calc:
    (4;51;22)+(18;12;0)+(0;59;58)= 24deg 3min 20sec

    Ft-in calc:
    (6;3)+(5;8)+(4;6)+(0;11)+(12;6)= 29ft 10in

    Ft-in calculators are helpful to engineers, saves a ton of time

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