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CALC Prime 3.5.2+ Please give us back the old Icon

Update 8/6: As of the 3.5.5 release CALC Prime has a new icon that is inverse of the original colors to make it light. We discussed this with a fews individual users that contacted us as well as our primary CALC Prime audience. If you still prefer the original dark icon, please send us an email at calc@qapps.co and we will switch you over to CALC Smart :-)

Updated 6/24: CALC Prime 3.5.4 fixed those rare crashes that a handful of users were experiencing.

Please note, if you really would like the old icon back, send us an email (calc@qapps.co) or create an individual support ticket @ http://qapps.co/support and we will switch you over to CALC Smart that now uses that exact icon and has the same functionality.

CALC Prime is used by educational institutions and they were the primary users asked for an opinion on the new design. Some individual users also expressed interest to have a light-color icon option. That, along with the scientific significance of the Pi number lead us to the new design with familiar colors.

We are always considering new options and other alternatives so feel free to comment or give some feedback on the attached icon proposal...

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please switch back the previous cool black icon for CALC Prime, this new ugly icon is a big turn down. The black icon is an icon for CALC and after the change it look like AppStore,mail,Facebook,Waze,Messenger etc all blue.

    I have had enough of blue colours icons on my screen and this one is just look like them and have no creativity and not standout at all. This make me not easy to recognise the CALC when I need it, it just looks the same like tons of blue app!

    1 star until this problem fixed.

    By the way the app itself is still the best. Thanks.

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